Window system NL 71

An elegant way to combine architecture and modern technology.

The NL 71 system is perfectly adapted to the architecture of Dutch building facades and impresses with its narrow profile. The semi-retractable wing emphasizes the classic look, and the 40 available shades additionally provide rich design possibilities.


The excellent thermal insulation is due to the 5-chamber system, which contributes to the reduction of energy consumption and heating costs. There are also suitable entrance doors for the NL system, so you will not only have a harmonious and beautiful entrance, but also the highest level of security.

Tehnical specifications

  • Profile depth 115 mm, 5 chambers
  • Insulation value of the whole window Uw up to 0.79 W / m2K
  • Available design with flat and rounded wings
  • Possibility of glazing up to 47 mm
  • Internal two-legged glazing strip for even better burglary protection
  • Condensation prevention chamber height 20 mm
  • Two retractable welded TPE seals
  • Sound insulation up to 44 dB (sound insulation class 4)
  • 42 different foil colors


DECEUNINC COLOR SYSTEM / Individual window colors to suit every taste

Colored windows and doors emphasize the design features and have a decisive influence on the appearance of the facade.

Deceuninck offers almost limitless design possibilities with a large selection of decors. New buildings as well as renovation facilities can be designed individually and give your facade a new shine.

Our colors are organized into groups according to architectural styles that make it easy to choose colors according to specific needs.



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