There are architectural styles and directions that many people have loved for decades, because they are measured and because they have proven themselves in use, in function, in aesthetics.

Our window systems meet significantly more than these three criteria. Windows made of profiles that we use in the manufacture have proven to be a very high quality and highly sought after line in the world. We are constantly improving it with our suppliers, so we can provide refined sound protection, optimal thermal insulation and the best stability.

PROFILES - Due to the demands of the market and due to the great competition, and for the purpose of better and better offer, the company "ALKUS d.o.o." achieves cooperation with the German company "THYSSEN POLYMER". A couple of years ago, "THYSSEN POLYMER" moved into the family of a large European manufacturer of PVC profiles "DECEUNINCK GROUP" and received a new name "INOUTIC / GERMAN PROFILES".


Thermal insulation, sound protection / At a time of ever-increasing energy costs, when planning new construction or renovation projects, a very important aspect is the topic of saving heating costs. Prestige profile windows show excellent thermal insulation values and, in addition to high energy savings, provide a pleasant living climate in your home. The Prestige profile is designed so that its construction optimally reflects noise or external sounds that disturb. Peace means less stress, more dismissal and rest - and thus simply a better quality of housing.

Many shapes, rich color palette / Flexibility and choice of materials and equipment save a lot of time when preparing a housing project. The Prestige profile abounds in variants, but the shape in the draft is always classic. This can deliver three stylistic directions “classic”, “contemporary” and “organic”. In addition, you have nine standard and fifteen special colors available with this product. thus, almost any construction situation and architectural form of expression can be created and turned into different color decors.




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