Since there is no second chance for a first impression, the front door reveals a part of your personal lifestyle to visitors at the first meeting. That is why we completely adapt our service and product to you - we offer you a wide range of combinations of shapes, colors and materials to choose from. To make it easier to choose the combination that suits you, take a look at our product configurator and find your ‘winning’ combination.


In the development of our products, in addition to the trends in the production of panels and fillings for doors, the wishes and needs of our customers are taken into account. In addition to the advantages in the form of complete adjustment of the aesthetic characteristics of the front door, you can be sure of the quality and durability of our products. Door panels and fillings are made with the latest technology, and only first-class materials are used in the production. The quality of materials, expertise in execution and many years of experience in production guarantee excellent thermal and sound insulation, weather resistance and safety.



Alagici bb, 71260 Kresevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina


+387 (0) 30 800 062

+387 (0) 63 369 055




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