PROtex box blinds


  • Available in 5 different surface-mounted sizes and in 2 flush-mounted boxes, PROtex offers high flexibility for all window designs with a maximum element height of 3.15 m.

  • The thermal insulation value of Usb exceeds the required value according to DIN 4108 (Usb ≤ 0.85 W / m2K) with values ​​up to Usb 0.76 W / m2K.

  • The temperature factor fRsi for protection against condensation and for the prevention of mold with values ​​up to> 0.7 also exceeds the set values ​​according to the DIN standard.

  • Safe, fast and economical installation of the box on the frame with the appropriate adapter

  • The roller shutter box is available with or without mosquito nets, and subsequent installation of mosquito nets is possible. The mosquito net is not visible from the outside.

  • Fully insulated lamella space with large brushes

  • Patented shaft ball bearing

  • Revision cover: fastening without screws, possible revision from below or back

  • Solid installation of the element with strong metal anchors

  • Choice of starting via a vending machine with a belt, crank or electric motor

  • A wide range of colors suitable for all popular window systems

PVC shutters PROtex




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