Termo 85

The TERMO 85 system is intended for the production of windows (opening inside and outside), doors (opening inside and outside) and fixed walls. It is a profile system with an interrupted thermal bridge, basic installation depths of 77 and 85 mm. In addition to the basic frame / sash design with straight lines, frame / sash versions with rounded outer lines are also possible. By applying new materials that have extremely thermally good characteristics, this system meets the criteria of openings for low-energy houses. Interruption of the thermal bridge is achieved by polyamide strips of low coefficient of thermal conductivity (ʎ = 0.210 W / mK) of 34 mm. In order to further improve the thermal characteristics of the profile, profiled XPS rods (extruded polystyrene - ʎ = 0.035 W / mK) are installed in the profile chambers and such profiles are given the letter F. The sealing is made of spongy EPDM which has a much better thermal properties relative to EPDM seals. Possible types of window opening: hinged, hinged, hinged-hinged, hinged opening outwards, hinged around the middle axis. Possible types of door opening: inward and outward opening. The system is compatible with facade systems. Possibility to select profiles with groove 16/13. The hardware that is installed in the system is standard for the 15/20 Euro groove and the 16/13 groove.

Technical characteristics of the system:

  • frame depth: 77 and 85 mm
  • wing depth: 85 mm
  • filling depth: up to 71 mm
  • polyamide tapes: 34 mm
  • maxwing weight: 130 kg
  • air permeability: EN 12207 (class 4)
  • watertightness: EN 12208 (class E1200)
  • wind resistance: EN 12210 (class C5 / B5)
  • noise protection: EN ISO 717 1 (Rw = 37 50 dB)
  • anti-burglary: EN 1627 (RC2, RC3, RC4)
  • calculation of Uw coefficient: DIN EN ISO 10077 2 (≥1.0 Wm² / K)
  • base material: EN AW 6060
  • polyamide tape material: Low Lambda PA66 GF25
  • sealing material: spongy EPDM
  • surface treatment: DIN 17611
  • quality control: DIN EN ISO 9001


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