FR 18

The FR 18 system is intended for glazing terraces, balconies and catering facilities and enables undisturbed enjoyment of the view. Possibility of performance with three and five wings, where one wing is always fixed while the other wings are parked behind the first wing in the open position. The application of FR 18 enables greater flexibility in the use of space, more light in the interior and is a practical way to create new useful surfaces. By opening or closing the first sliding wing, the remaining wings are retracted thanks to the latch on the wings. Specially designed castors in the lower part of the sash allow quick and easy opening and closing of the sash.

Technical characteristics of the system:

  • frame depth: 76.5 mm (three tracks) and 120 mm (five tracks)
  • wing depth: 18 mm
  • filling depth: 55.2 (hardened lamistal)
  • wing weight: 120 kg
  • air permeability: EN 12207
  • watertightness: EN 12208
  • wind resistance: EN 12210
  • noise protection: DIN 4109
  • burglary resistance: EN 1627
  • base material: EN AW6060
  • sealing material: EPDM
  • surface treatment: DIN 17611
  • quality control: DIN EN ISO 9001


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