Termo 200 DA

The TERMO 200 DA system is intended for the production of sliding sliding doors with an integrated fixed part. TERMO 200 DA is a profile system with an interrupted thermal bridge and a wooden cladding on the inside of the opening. The basic installation depth of the frame is 200 mm. The thermal bridge break is achieved with polyamide strips of 27 mm and 30 mm for the frame and 18.6 mm and 30 mm for the wing. In order to further improve the thermal characteristics of the profile, profiled XPS rods (extruded polystyrene - ʎ = 0.035 W / m2K) are installed in the profile chambers and such profiles are named in the letter F. Sealing is performed with EPDM seals. Doors made in a combination of wood / aluminum combine the best characteristics of both materials. The basis of these doors is aluminum, and wood gives the interior a special warmth. The internal wooden door trim can be replaced if desired without removing the door thanks to a specially designed PVC buckle and groove. The aluminum / wood combination has found great application in modern architecture. A large selection of types and colors of wood that can be used in the manufacture give modern buildings an attractive appearance. There is a possibility of performing a hidden drainage of water from the frame.

Technical characteristics of the system:

  • frame depth: 200 mm
  • wing depth: 92 mm
  • wing weight: 330 kg
  • filling depth: 46 mm
  • polyamide strips: 27 and 30 mm (for frame); 18.6 and 30 mm (for wing)
  • air permeability: EN 12207 (class 4)
  • watertightness: EN 12208 (class 9A)
  • wind resistance: EN 12210 (class C4 / B4)
  • noise protection: DIN 4109
  • burglary resistance: EN 1627
  • calculation of Uw coefficient: DIN EN ISO 10077-2 (≥1.1 Wm² / K)
  • base material: EN AW-6060
  • polyamide tape material: PA66 GF25
  • sealing material: EPDM
  • surface treatment: DIN 17611
  • quality control: DIN EN ISO 9001


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