60 K

Facade 60 K is a system for the production of continuous or structural, self-supporting, fully glazed, warm-insulated facade construction of aluminum profiles. Specially designed façade window openings with swivel-hinge, inward or outward hinge, parallel opening and roof windows can be used for opening areas. FEAL systems for windows and doors are also compatible with the façade system. Glazing of the continuous facade is performed with the help of EPDM seals and clamping and cover strips. Cover clamps are placed on the clamping strips, which can be of different shapes (square shallow or deep, rounded, elliptical) and dimensions. Exceptions are moldings which, due to their specific shape, are both tension and cover moldings. The glazing of the structural facade is performed with the help of EPDM seals, glass holders and silicone sealant of structural glass. As materials of facade components, materials resistant to weather conditions, temperature differences, mold, and waterproof protective tapes that prevent the penetration of water and moisture into the insulation are used. The 60 K façade system allows condensate to be carried out in two or three levels, ie flat. All vertical and horizontal profiles have grooves for condensate conduction and their mutual connections are made so that these grooves overlap. At the same time, the air flows through the verticals and horizontals from the parapet to the attic, whereby the necessary ventilation of the façade is achieved and the moisture created by condensation dries.

Technical characteristics of the system:

  • vertical depth: 41, 88, 118, 158, 200, 270 mm

  • horizontal depth: 41, 86, 114, 156, 198 mm

  • depth of auxiliary horizontal: 88, 200 mm

  • visible profile width: 60 mm

  • filling depth: 4-56 mm

  • air permeability: EN 12207 (class 4)

  • watertightness: EN 12154 (class R7)

  • wind resistance: EN 12210 (class C3 / B3)

  • noise protection: EN ISO 717-1 (Rw = 42 dB)

  • burglary resistance: EN 1627 (RC2)

  • calculation of Uw coefficient: DIN EN ISO 10077-2 (≥0.7 Wm² / K)

  • fire protection: EN 13501-2 (E90)

  • base material: EN AW-6060

  • sealing material: EPDM

  • surface treatment: DIN 17611

  • quality control: DIN EN ISO 9001



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