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Facade 70 E is a system for the production of self-supporting, entirely glazed, warm-insulated elements of the facade construction from aluminum profiles. Specially designed façade openings such as ventus openings and parallel openings can be used for opening fields. Parapet fields can be transparent or opaque. The glazing of the facade element is performed with the help of EPDM seals and moldings. In the production of facade components, materials resistant to weather conditions, temperature differences and mold are used. The facade elements are made of individual elements, which are assembled in the workshop. On a construction site, the elements just need to be mounted properly. Mounting is done in a way that the element is lifted by a crane and brought to the final position by hanging on pre-assembled girders, which eliminates the need for scaffolding, which significantly reduces costs and working time on site, increases work safety. The fact that most of the work is done in the workshop, allows the production of large, custom-made glass elements that can be transported to any location thus reducing costs and the elements can be installed quickly regardless of weather conditions. An important advantage of the 70 E façade is the fact that it is possible to move the elements vertically +/- 10 mm, which is a necessary condition for façades on buildings in seismically active areas. An additional advantage of the facade element is that, unlike continuous facades, they do not transmit impact sounds from floor to floor or horizontally from room to room. The reason for this is that the elements are separated by connecting seals. Different materials (e.g. aluminum seal) become acoustically excited at different frequencies, creating a complete acoustic separation at the junction between the elements.

Technical characteristics of the system:

  • element depth: 205 mm

  • visible profile width: 70 mm

  • filling depth: 30 mm

  • vertical displacement of elements: 10 mm

  • air permeability: EN 12207 (class 4)

  • watertightness: EN 12154 (class E900)

  • wind resistance: EN 12210 (class C3 / B3)

  • noise protection: EN ISO 717-1 (Rw = 36 dB)

  • burglary resistance: EN 1627

  • calculation of Uw coefficient: DIN EN ISO 10077-2 (≥2.19 Wm² / K)

  • base material: EN AW-6060

  • sealing material: EPDM

  • surface treatment: DIN 17611

  • quality control: DIN EN ISO 9001



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